Applications written in JScript and PHP

Column chart

Draw interaction diagram of RCC rectangular column

Strength of Slab

Tables for the flexural strength of RCC slab.

Draw 3DModel

Canvas drawing for the 3Dprojection, remove hidden surface algorythm and moving eye position.

Beam Column End-plate Joint

Structural steel design and detailing for the beam-column end plate connection

Lift Simulator

Simulation model for the lift/elevator of building.

Dynamic Response of SDOF

Response of SDOF structure due to earthquake movement.

Truss bridge model using verlet

Truss bridge modeling and analysis due to moving wheel by using verlet integration.

Directed Graph

Draw and apply graph algorythm.

Forward Kinematic

Demonstration of forward kinematic for the controling and automating robot movement.

3D Trusstal Tower

Drawing and projecting 3dmodel and interpreting json data representing 3d truss.


Viewing Myanmar calendar.