Input Data
Masonary Works
4.5in Brick Worksqft
9in Brick Worksqft
Brick Workcft
Plastering with 1:3 mortarcft
Plastering 1/2" thick with 1:3 mortarsqft
Plastering 1/2" thick with 1:1:6 mortarsqft
Cement Concrete Works
1:1.5:3 Cem. Concretecft
1:2:4 Cem. Concretecft
1:3:6 Cem. Concretecft
1:4:8 Cem. Concretecft
Reinforced Concrete Works
Reinforced 1:2:4 Cem. Concretecft
¼ Coilcwt
½ Barscwt
#5 to #8 Barscwt
#8 to #12 Barscwt
  1. Builder's Quantity
    1. Enter required amount in
    2. Enter rate and per in if you want to get project value (cost).
    3. You don't need to do step 2 if you want to know only material amount.
    4. After finishing required data entry, click [Calculate] button.
  2. Saving Table
    1. If you are using this application on local computer, It can save table onto local drive.
    2. Browse file to be saved or type-in file name including path.
    3. Press [Save] button.
  3. Getting Your Own Application
    1. You can buy professional version for your own.
    2. This application is only web-application.
    3. If you need to calculate more quantity, request your needs and buy new one.