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StructSoftLab Engineering Service

StructSoftLab is offering structure designing services, consultancy and supervision of constructions.

StructSoftLab is a provider of engineering, drafting and documentation services to the construction industry. Our services are wellknown among construction companies, design teams, code and regulation instigator, engineering and architectural firms and various other service providers due to its abaility of overcoming technological challenges and revolutionary design methods.

We thrive on commitment, quality, safety and economy.

Structural Analysis and Design

By perfectly combining analytical abilities, in depth knowledge, modern technology and practical experience, StructSoftLab generates services that meet client expectations. Our services assist you meet cost and productivity targets.

We can do the modeling of a structure in software of your choice over here, and then you can perform the analysis and design at your facility.

We are acquainted with the major international codes and practices and can work proficiently for almost all nations, including Myanmar, US, UK and EU according to their domestic specifications. We use variety of software for analysis and design work according to client’s needs.

Our engineering services cover the following areas.

High Rise Structures

We analyze and design all types of residential and commercial buildings using finite element software and our self-developed structure design tools.

  • RCC structures
  • Steel structures
  • Composite structures

Industrial Structures

We have experiences in structural design works for the industrial projects including overhead crane rail, conveyors, silos, hoppers and machine foundations for vibrating equipments.


We have carried out analysis and design of numerous infra-structures such as culvert, water storage, drain, retaining wall, dike, transmission towers, road and bridges using the applicable codes and standards for each region.

Finite Element Modeling and Analysis

We carry out finite element analysis for complex structures resisting sismic and dynamic loading. Analysis can be carried out by using our program/software or other commercial software. We can provide source code of Finite Element Application for desired project written in several languages such as PHP, C++, Java, Pascal, BASIC or FORTRAN (FOR77, FOR90).

  • BE4D
  • SAP2000
  • SAFE

Accredit Review and Checking

We also provide service on accredit checking for analysis and design carried out by other individual consultancy, consultancy firms or researchers. We do this by reviewing conceptual objectives, assumption and implementation procedure or by verifying the structural model and results or by doing a completely independent analysis depending on the client’s requirement. We have certified engineers of authority concern.

  • Structural Engineering Certificate (SEC) of Y.C.D.C Yangon City Development Committee
  • Accredit Checker (AC) of CQHP-Committee of Quality Control for High-rise Building Project


All drawings are done according to the client’s specifications and drawing standards. We also prepare coordinated drawings that integrate architectural, civil, structural, mechanical and electrical drawings and data onto one set of drawings. This eliminates any discrepancy that might occur at the construction site and makes easy to manage the entire project implementation done by the project engineer who now needs to look at just one set of complete and well linked drawings.

Geotechnical Engineering

We can process the structural design and the data analysis of field/laboratory tests on soil for the purpose of the various constructions such as...

  • Under ground structure (Tunneling, Silo, Basement, Waste Treatement Plant, Sub-way)
  • Foundations (Spread footing, deep foundation, off-shore structure, earth retaining structures)
  • Road base
  • Dam
  • Tower and Chimney
  • Bridge
  • Machine foundations